Rhapsody runs on the generous time given by its volunteers. There are several opportunities for you to help!


Recruitment: ​Year round, in charge of recruiting new members during the season, the summer months, especially right before auditions, and turning those auditionees into contracted members. Ideally an “adult” staff member is in charge, and relies heavily on members for primary recruitment.

Marketing: ​In charge of marketing the organization as a whole. Involves social media, website to include staff bios, press releases, within the community and drum corps, and marketing with other circuits. Oversees online (square) souviesales and online asset sales.

Fundraising: S​earch and apply for grants, plan and implement fundraisers to aid members with tuition, and create new fundraising event opportunities.

Souvies: ​​Ties in to fundraising and marketing, responsible for creation of souvie item lines, production, and local sales.

Alumni Group: ​Track all Alumni contact info, manage alumni benefits, advise marketing and recruitment regarding alumni. Plans events for alumni to help maintain their ties to the organization.

Volunteer Coordinator: ​Coordinates event volunteers

Day-Of Volunteers:​ Day of volunteers for events, trips, etc.

Show Host: ​Coordinates show with NWPA Show Coordinator for NWPA logistics; coordinates event logistics planning; runs day of event logistics. Works with Marketing Committee for advertising event, and Facilities Coordinator forfacility booking, and Volunteer Coordinator for help with day of volunteers.

Builders:​ A list of “usual suspects” volunteers to help with sewing flags, costumes, creating props, etc.

Facilities Coordinator: ​Responsible for scheduling all typical season rehearsal, show, and event facilities. Works with Travel Coordinator and Unit directors for facilities while traveling.

Asset Management: ​Responsible for regular maintenance of all equipment and assets (trailer, floor carts, equipment, rifles, etc)

Collection / Billing / Contracts:​ Tracks member related paperwork and contracts, and on going tuition payment tracking

Drive / Equipment Crew:​ Responsible for getting the trailer and equipment to all rehearsals and show sites as needed.