A Guard

Our A Guard program is the backbone of our organization. Founded in 2006 with just 10 members, the group grew to 18 in 2007 and won first place in A Class at WGI World Championships. Since 2008, the A guard has maintained a solid foundation for our Open and World Class programs while still remaining nationally competitive. In addition to performing at local NWPA circuit competitions, they also travel out of state to compete at WGI regionals and at WGI World Championships each season.


2017 Season Staff:

Director: “Open Position”


Show History:

2015: The Plastics

2014: Can’t Go Back

2013: Secrets

2012: Pure Imagination

2011: Committed

2010: Hey Mr. DJ

2009: Slightly Bzzz’d

2008: Rain

2007: She Talks To Angels

2006: Bolero